Beauty Secrets Everyone Should Know

With these small (and really uncomplicated) professional tricks you will always look dazzling and well-groomed – no matter what the latest trend is. We have interviewed experts

Dry brushes for flawless skin

Miranda Kerr swears by daily brush massages that detoxify the skin through brazilian facelift and stimulate blood circulation – morning and evening. Actually there can’t be many dead skin cells on your luxury skin afterwards, but in addition the supermodel does a body peeling every second day.

Potatoes against dark circles

Not only we normalos suffer from dark rings under our eyes, also models like Victoria Brito suffer this fate from time to time. The beautiful one then lays down potato slices on the tender skin under her eyes and soon looks fit again.

The perfect lipstick for the eyes

How to find the lipstick color that goes with you in the store? It’s simple: Turn the lipstick out of the cavity, hold it at mouth level in front of your face and look in the mirror. Pay attention only to your eyes: If it harmonises with the colour of your eyes, your complexion will appear brighter and your eyes will shine more brightly.

The right shade can even wipe away small blemishes: Cool, rosé shades, for example, make your teeth appear whiter. My tip for tender lips: A gentle peeling with a soft toothbrush works wonders. Then the lipstick can be applied evenly.

Nails look noble if they are lacquered exactly

Trend tones for the nails come and go. What looks good with any colour: Colour the nail completely. Are you afraid that the varnish will land on the cuticle? This is how it works: Start with the varnish in the middle of the nail and slowly approach the lower edge with the brush. Another tip for well-groomed cuticles: A cuticle remover puts an end to dead skin cells.

A serum or nail butter provides the nail root and skin with sufficient care. And: Use the right tools. In addition to a crystal file, a polishing file is important to seal the nail surface before varnishing.

Rouge makes it easy to change any look

Rouge can be used to conjure up two very different looks in five minutes: freshness for the day is achieved by brushing it directly onto the cheekbones. So the face appears fuller and younger. Choose the lightest, most pastel Peachton possible – it always works with every skin tone.

Practical: It can easily be reinforced by a second layer. Apply the brush to the cheekbone and work in gently circling movements inwards. The second version looks cool and elegant: as with Contouring, the product is applied under the cheekbones. This works particularly well with a slanted brush. Choose bronze products without glitter particles and with a matt finish. Especially round or large faces will be modelled narrower.

Pay more attention to the individual shape of your eyebrows

A mistake many women make: they don’t pay enough attention to the individual shape of their eyebrows and exaggerate it by plucking. If, for example, too much is removed at the base of the eyebrows, the eyes are optically pulled apart and the nose appears wider. If plucked correctly, however, they provide freshness. In case of doubt: less is more. If you are unsure whether individual hairs should be removed or not, it is better to leave them standing! As an aid, the brow can be filled with eyebrow powder beforehand.

Then really only pluck away the hairs that are outside this form. Never pull against the direction of growth, otherwise they will break off. A make-up look is like a painting and the eyebrows are the frame to it.

At the Foundation, everything depends on the right tone.

The perfect foundation color sometimes seems like the Holy Grail – untraceable. But it’s not that complicated: When purchasing, it is best to apply three foundation tones directly to the cheeks in order to realistically see which tone fits. Please do not test on the back of your hand, the skin tone is often different there.

Warm a little foundation between the fingertips before applying. Then work from the nose over the cheeks to the forehead and press in lightly. Finally ‘fix’ again with the hands. The body warmth makes the foundation connect better with the skin. Who prefers brushes, should proceed in the same way. If the foundation tone is correct, edges or unnatural transitions are history.

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