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The following graphic shows how the different games are distributed at the individual casinos. One can see very well that the focus of all providers is on the slot machines. In addition, relatively many Roulette,  and Blackjack games are offered. All other games are grouped under “other”, with Video Poker machines and scratch cards accounting for the largest share.

There are also more or less big differences in jackpot games. Stargames has the most slot machines (which are exclusively from Novoline), but the jackpots are less appealing. The biggest jackpot winnings can be found at casinos with Playtech or Net Entertainment software. They not only use the same software, but also the same jackpot. As a result, many more players participate in these games and build up the jackpots very quickly. An excellent example of this is Eurogrand Casino.

How do I know that online casino games are safe?

Security is a big issue when you want to play for real money on the Internet. I myself had some bad experiences with cheats and rip-offs a few years ago. Since then, I’ve been taking a close look at the casinos before even thinking about making a deposit. The following points will show you a serious and reliable casino where you can play for real money with a clear conscience.

The results of the random number generator determine whether you win or lose in a game. Not only should the chances of the game itself be fair, but also the (long-term) equal distribution ensures that the game results do not shift one-sidedly and you lose more than it should be. But how can this be seen? This is not directly possible, but an important point is the authority that issued the gambling license for the casino. The technology for all random numbers is directly under the supervision of the respective regulatory authority in the case of reputable licensors.

One of the most respected authorities in Europe is the Remote

Gambling Authority in Gibraltar. As one of the first regulatory bodies in Europe, it only issues licenses for the best and biggest casinos, including such big names as William Hill, Ladbrokes or 888. At the same time, RGA Gibraltar places very high demands on licensing, so that the casinos regulated in Gibraltar are definitely among the safest and most reliable.

The second major European regulatory centre has developed in Malta. Since 2005, online licenses have also been issued here and today more than 500 licenses are active. Malta has thus also become a centre for the entire industry for certification and technical security, which has formed as an infrastructure around regulation.

Encrypted connections are not only required for deposits and withdrawals, the transmission of game data must also be secured accordingly. So make sure that the appropriate HTTPS protocol is used at a casino when you are logged in. You can see this by the green encryption symbol in the address bar of your browser and the web address begins with https:// . Click on the icon for more information about the encryption and certificate you are using.

Since this result has a period, we want to round it off to three digits after the decimal point for simplicity’s sake. The result of the profit expectation is only marginally affected by this. In 36 of the cases we lose our stake of 20€, but in one case we win 35 times the stake, i.e. 700€. With these numbers one can now open the very simple calculation and determine the profit expectation (also called expectation value). See more at Bimeon for more details.

Per game you will lose an average of 54 cents for every 20 euros bet. These 54 cents will go to the casino as a house advantage, not with every game, but in the long run on average. The casino itself does not need to worry about the winnings of players, as the money will always end up at the casino due to this negative expectation value for the player in the long run.

In addition, however, there is another term that should absolutely be mentioned in this consideration: the variance. This ensures that you are lucky and win big, but also have to live with long streaks of bad luck, in which you win almost nothing. It is and remains a game of luck.

The above calculated house advantage of the French Roulette of 2.7% is quite small. Most other casino games have a higher house advantage of up to 15%, but there are also games like Blackjack which have an even smaller house advantage. If you subtract the house advantage from 100% bet, you get the payout percentage for this game directly. The following table shows examples of different payout rates.

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