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If you’ve purchased CBD products online, you’ve probably noticed that many companies use the phrase “tested in independent laboratories” all over their website. You may be wondering what exactly that phrase means, because it usually doesn’t include explanations. Does it mean that all CBD manufacturers have to test their products before offering them for sale? How do you know which CBD oils are the best?

CBD vendors are not required to test their products, which means that some low-quality products may also reach consumers. However, most reputable companies strive to prove the quality of their products and therefore choose to have them tested by independent laboratories.

So that you can be more confident when buying quality products, we’ve gathered the information you need about independent testing of CBD products. Read on to learn more.

What is independent third-party analysis?

Companies may conduct their own analysis on their products, but the results are not necessarily reliable. Independent laboratory analysis is done to have a neutral, unbiased source to review the quality of products.

Although there are some regulations on dietary supplements, sometimes the limits are not entirely clear and some manufacturers take advantage of that situation to sell products with fake ingredients. Although for legal reasons it should not happen, eventually some scammer finds a way to reach the market.

More concise government regulation would ensure greater safety for consumers, but on the other hand, it would take some of the profits away from reliable, quality CBD companies. We would certainly prefer the industry to be regulated, which may happen in the next few years, but for now it is important for consumers to be cautious and be well informed about what they are buying.

But it’s not all negative. Authentic CBD producers are striving to show transparency within the industry and are striving for a thriving CBD market without fears of scams. Honest companies always stay at the top because of positive user reviews and quality products, and this is usually reflected in independent lab tests as well.

These tests are carried out because companies send samples of their products to independent laboratories that can provide reliable and unbiased results about what is behind the label of their products. In this way, they ensure that they offer the best CBD oils.

If independent analyses are not mandatory, why do some companies request them?

Laboratory analysis requires a good investment. Laboratory equipment, such as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), is not cheap, and to that must be added the labor costs and the knowledge of the experts who perform the analyses. Given all this, why would a company bother to spend money for an analysis in an independent laboratory?

It’s all about transparency. The most reputable companies want to set themselves apart from the rest by adding “tested by independent laboratories” on their product labels to demonstrate their reliability and quality. By doing so, a company can increase its brand equity and attract new customers. CBD oil is not cheap, so consumers will not invest their money in a product they cannot trust and will try to find the best CBD oils.

This means that, despite the costs, it is in a company’s interest to have its products tested by an independent laboratory. Consumers today are very informed and are unlikely to end up buying a fake product. Millennial consumers know how to distinguish scams and are looking for that “tested by independent laboratories” seal of quality. That is why these analyses are so important for companies.

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