High Technology and Human Development

Some fundamental facility – typically made by leaders and sustained by the led – work out the cumulative principles of the led in up until now as they promote a willed advancement. The growth is normally exceptional but not always civilized. The facilities concerned are of this kind: “Our degree of technical advancement is unrivaled. Upon reaching this degree, we likewise have to prepare our society for tranquility, and to ensure the peace, modern technology needs to be changed to foster the policy of battle.” Technical advancement that is pushed in this instructions establishes a hazardous precedent for various other cultures that are afraid a danger to their respective sovereignties. They are pressed to also foster a battle technology.

In the domain of people, this mode of development is not praiseworthy, nor is it ethically reasonable. Since it is not ethically justifiable, it is socially reckless. An examination of the premises will expose that it is the last one that poses a problem. The last premise is the final thought of two preceding premises yet is never rationally deduced. What it reveals is a passionately reasoned final thought, and being so, it fails to be thought as a final thought from a reasonably prepared mind, a minimum of at the time at which it was deduced.

A society that developments according to the above presuppositions – as well as particularly according to the illogical final thought – has actually transmitted the subconscious of non-negotiable superiority to its individuals. All along, the power of interest dictates the rate of human conduct. Whether in useful interactions or willed collaborations, the concept of equal rights fails to work exactly because of the superiority disorder that grasps the leader and also the led. As well as a various society that declines to cooperate the cumulative perceptiveness or enthusiasm of such culture has, by the anticipated reasoning, become a potential or actual opponent and deals with battle on all possible fronts.

The majority of what we learn about today world, of course, by means of the media, is dominated by advanced modern technology. Cultures that have the most of such innovation are also, time after time, declared to be one of the most advanced. It is not just their development that raises them to the peak of power, superiority, as well as popularity. They can also utilize modern technology to streamline as well as move on an understanding of life and also nature in a different instructions, an instructions that often tends to get rid of, as long as feasible, a previous link in between life and nature that was, in several areas, mystical and also dangerous. This last point does not necessarily imply that technical advancement is a mark of an exceptional civilization.

What we need to recognize is that world and also technology are not conjugal terms. Civilized individuals might have an advanced modern technology or they might not have it. People is not simply a matter of science and also technology or technological facilities, or, once again, the marvel of buildings; it also relates to the ethical and also psychological reflexes of people in addition to their level of social connectedness within their very own culture and also past. It is from the basic practices make-up of people that all types of physical structures could be developed, so also the question of scientific research and also innovation.

Hence, the kind of bridges, roadways, buildings, heavy machinery, to name a few, that we can see in a society might inform, in a general means, the behavioral pattern of individuals. Behavioural pattern might likewise tell a lot about the extent to which the natural surroundings has been made use of for infrastructural activities, science and innovation. Most importantly, behavioral pattern could inform a whole lot concerning the perceptions as well as understanding of the people regarding other individuals.

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